This software system is for sale, including:
  • All server source code for the CMS and components (See Software & Products Page)
  • iOS source code (for iPhone and iPad Apps)
Contact us via the Contact Us page for more information.

Tools to Save Time and Money

As a Real Estate Agent, timely promotion of your property portfolio is important. We understand this and provide the tools and know-how to make property promotion simple and effective. And in the process, we can help save you time and improve office productivity and efficiency.

iPad & iPhone Field Agent

Real Estate Field Agent is a mobile front end to our Real Estate Marketing and Sales System.

  • Criteria search properties
  • Property pictures, videos and details
  • Places of Interest
  • CRM & Email integration
  • Real-time forms (eg Maintenance Requests, Appraisal Reports, etc) - iPad Only
  • GPSs integration
  • Real-time sync to central database.
  • Integration to Field Camera App
We need support - where is the support link ? Answer
Support is provided in the software, not this web site. In the Agent Administrator see the Support option under the Help menu.
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